Plastic structure aims at replacing aluminium cans

Plastic can arrive at beverage cans

© Francisco Pedro / Global Garbage

© Francisco Pedro / Global Garbage

By Braskem
Published: October 22, 2013 15:16

Creative solutions also appear at Trade Fair K 2013. Polytype, based in Switzerland, and Finnish Huhtamaki have developed a plastic packaging to replace the classic aluminium can. While the first one has created machinery and process of form-fill-seal (FFS) for the product, Huhtamaki has developed a structure composed of Polypropylene (PP), BOPP and BOPET, together with aluminium film for the barrier. “According to Polytype, the product can serve as package even for carbonated beverages”, informs Francisco Ruiz of the engineering and application development department of Braskem. The “plastic can” is, meanwhile, not yet available commercially. Currently, the creators are identifying the strong and weak points of the packaging and making pertinent improvements.

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